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Obituary for Dora Martin

Dora Leigh Martin, age 56, passed away peacefully on January 24, 2024, of cancer, which she fought valiantly over the last several years. She was preceded in death by her parents, Donald Martin and Carol Roberson Martin, and her sister Shannon Lynn Martin and is survived by June Hughes Boglioli (Aunt June) and cousins Alivia (Libby) Blackmon, Karen Lake, Selina Waller, and Tamara Barnes, as well as her dear friends and her East Pensacola Heights family.

Dora was a multi-faceted human being…tough, yet empathetic, loyal, yet quick to correct, with a true love for those who loved her. She was an East Pensacola Heights brat where she formed lifelong relationships. She attended A.K. Suter and Workman Middle and graduated from B.T. Washington High. She was a sports enthusiast…playing softball, boating, and skiing the waters of Bayou Texar with her second family and neighbors, the Bonifays. She was very active in the Bayou Texar Ski Club, helping to plan ski shows, and as an adult, she continued her love by purchasing her own boat and enjoying the water again.

She had innovative ideas and dreams of future business ventures. One of those that came to fruition was the Po’Side Taven, a quaint tavern and pool hall here in Pensacola. She worked non-stop growing a steady, successful business and honing her skills in another favorite sport, pool. In fact, she put together a pool league with other local taverns, and her own teams reigned as champions of this Pensacola league for many years. It was while she owned the Po’Side that she met more lifelong and loyal friends.

Our Dora was adventurous. She loved life and held many jobs in her life that revealed her talents—her flair for design in working in the floral industry, even having her own business for a time, Rolling Roses, delivering her own stunning floral arrangements in Pensacola; her heart for helping others in working for Habitat for Humanity and Teen Challenge; her love for delicious foods and cooking for which she was celebrated by several local food establishments where she cooked as well as by her family of friends. Then, during these years, when her mother became gravely ill in Alabama, she stayed there with her for seven years, creating a home for them and caring for her mother until she died. She then returned to Pensacola and her friends and took over her family business of property management.

Dora’s circle of friends greatly respected and valued her fortitude, her strength, and her love for them. When she was diagnosed and in need, these friends stepped up to help, some traveling great distances to do so. She also spent extended time in the homes of some of these friends who helped her through this very difficult time. Because of these people, her village, she received extraordinary end-of-life care. During her last days, we came together, collectively doing what we could to make her comfortable and to show her how much we loved her. She would have done the same for each of us.

We were her village. Her chosen family she called us, from all walks of life, and we loved her. She was a ‘mender of broken wings’ among us, at times our encourager, our protector, our confidant, our champion. Whatever any of us needed at the time, she was present. If she saw a need, she strived to meet it. If she saw hurt, she strived to heal it. If she saw despair, she offered comfort. If she saw love, she returned it. This was her legacy.

Dora Leigh Martin: June 14, 1967 --- January 24, 2024.
A woman who truly made the most of her dash.