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Obituary for Helen Ursula Paz

Helen Ursula (Blauvelt) Paz was born in Paterson, New Jersey, September 23, 1931 one of three sisters: Grace Ruckstuhl and Anne Louise Howell; her mother Helen Ursula Goebbels her father Charles Doughty Blauvelt.

After the death of her first husband killed in an automobile accident April 2, 1960, she remarried to Vincent “Tony” Joseph Paz on December 27, 1960, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Pensacola. She had three sons by her former marriage, Thomas Freeman Holliman III, Steven Doughty Holliman, and John Michael Holliman Paz. All were adopted and Tom and Steve kept their father’s last name. We adopted our daughter when she was six weeks old and named her Joan A. Paz.

Helen was like a flower on the hilltop dancing on the gentle breeze and reflecting the radiance of the sun. She always had a smile for all she met. She was called “Happy” by her sisters and all her friends. The name stuck with her all her life. She loved her family and served them as a devoted mother and wife. She was very devoted to her Catholic faith and served in the Catholic Church in many ways. She and her husband were sacristan at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church for many years. She also was housekeeper for Bishop R. Gracida and Bishop Siemon.

She also made vestments for the Deacons of many parishes. She received her bachelor’s degree from University of West Florida as a Social Worker. She worked for Catholic Charities, in St. Anthony’s Parish for ten years. She was in many activities that helped the poor. She was giving, loving, prayful, and happy person. She was loved by many even in her old age. She never lost her sense of humor. She was kind to all she met. She reached out to those in troubling circumstances.

At her death, I can only imagine Christ saying, “Good and faithful Servant and adopted daughter, come to the place I have prepared for you, to be with Me for all eternity.”